Poster: Myrte Legerstee


The 1st of July I will have my graduation concert in Museum Speelklok. I will combine the ensemble Kaer with the installation Aircilla, a swarm of ceramic sound objects.

Moving Air is a dynamic concert in which the audience (you) will be immersed in sound waves. The ensemble Kaer and the installation Aircilla move to produce sound and to interact. The combination of Aircilla, the different ways of playing and the use of own instruments will create different timbres and textures.

“I thought of a term to call myself: A sound choreographer, because movement is vital in producing sound”

Installation Aircilla made by: Jurriaan de Vos & Gemma Luz Bosch

Ensemble Kaer: Ketija Ringa, Pietro Elia Barcellona, Mees Siderius, Hugo Ariëns & Gemma Luz Bosch

Aircilla is a collaboration between sound artist Gemma Luz Bosch and installation artist Jurriaan de Vos, in which they combine their qualities to create an interdisciplinary kinetic sound installation. You can experience Aircilla from 1 July until 30 September at Museum Speelklok in Utrecht, the Netherlands!

The installation is a swarm of ceramic sound objects that are hanging on ropes and are put into motion by a big mechanism. The handmade and therefore unique sound objects swing and collide with each other, creating sound and timbres in their own way. The random pendulum movements, the subtle interactions between the sound objects and whether or not they collide makes the installation exciting to watch. With Aircilla we want to immerse the audience in a new moving landscape.